LeagueLeader Report -
Big Dog Dart League
Report Date: 08/30/2015


I have no contact information for the players in this league. It would be good to have a contact number atleast?

Name / Address Report for MCCSF5

Player Email Home Phone Mobile Phone Address City State Zip Team
Brian McClaren Butterz N Brian
Dwayne Murrey Butterz N Brian
Ian Kracinovsky Drunk N Ian
Bob Steele Drunk N Ian
Keith Cummings KC And Zack
Zack Maszle KC And Zack
Audra Besnak Larry N Audra
Larry Scott Larry N Audra
Phil Isabella McNasty N Bob
Bob Mitro McNasty N Bob
Shawn Bowling SB N Migs
Brian Kirasic SB N Migs

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