LeagueLeader Report -
Big Dog Dart League
Karen Casper
League Coordinator
Report Date: 01/27/2017

Name / Address Report for BCMW7

Player Email Home Phone Mobile Phone Address City State Zip Team
Chad Bowen 740-298-0169 OH 50 50
Kelli Criswell 304-280-9048   OH   Bangin Da Neighbors
Stuart Przelenski 740-827-2975 OH Bartonians
Andy Donbeck   740-278-5431 OH Chiefs
William Shaw 304-830-4821 OH Dart Daddies
April Donbeck 740-381-7362   OH   Darts Of Hazzard
Karen Casper   412-508-5789     PA   Family Rulz
Frank Smith 740-298-3524 OH Franks Crew
Mike Nath   412-709-4314     PA   Lowballers
Tracy Shaw 304-639-7429 OH One N Dun
Chris Hindman 304-907-9286   OH   Starving Dartists
Brandon Criswell 304-312-8281 OH Strokin The Shaft
John Nagel 740-391-8372 OH The Dutch

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