LeagueLeader Report -
Big Dog Dart League
Report Date: 01/11/2017

Name / Address Report for GRMTW7

Player Email Home Phone Mobile Phone Address City State Zip Team
Doug Andrews dougandre8@aol.com   412-715-4246   Z And Andrews
John Baynham     Dulak And Baynham
Chris Dulak           Dulak And Baynham
Andrew Immekus 4122984493       AI And Schubert
Mike Mainwering       Tomko And Mainwering
Jerry Malsch j.malsch@hotmail.com 412-889-8299     Puppy And Nath
Mike Nath mc.deanna.nath@verizon.net   412-726-1606         Puppy And Nath
Ed Rebholz 4125001303       Scheftic And Rebholz
Bud Schubert schubert@live.com           AI And Schubert
Mark Sheftic       Scheftic And Rebholz
Steve Tomko stephen_tomko@hotmail.com 412-389-4430         Tomko And Mainwering
Rob Zeleznik 412-596-4565     Z And Andrews

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