LeagueLeader Report - Schedule Report for 18SSHM - 2018 SUMMER SH Monday
Big Dog Dart League
 Karen Casper
League Coordinator

Schedule Report for 18SSHM - 2018 SUMMER SH Monday

Report Date: 07/09/2018

Hello Players, Summer League will be 1 round ( 5 week season) instead of 2 rounds (10 weeks) because it puts us past Labor Day. to get us to the desired 7/8 week season, we can have a 3 week playoff (1st week 4th vs 5th - 2nd week 1st vs winner of 4th vs 5th and 2nd vs 3rd - 3rd week Finals) or we can add 2 or 3 weeks were all 5 teams get together at Gormans or Baltimore House and we run a whole round (play other 4 teams) with 3 or 5 games each match instead of 15. I prefer the 2nd option for a few reasons. (It generates more $ for payouts, It allows all teams to shoot 7/8 weeks, I can prob get Big Dog to put the juke on free play and Ill bet both Gormans and Baltimore House would love to have the business and want to show you their appreciation. And last....Could be fun party!) But its really up to you guys. Both options has us done by the end of August. Each team gets a vote. We can also change up the format with option 2 and play other games if you want ex: wild card cricket, bermuda etc.

Division 1

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 07/09/2018
Yinz Jagoffs Kickin N Screamin GORMANS PUB
Nothing But Trouble Liver Failure BALTIMORE HOUSE
BYE Hot Mess Express BYE
2 07/16/2018
BYE Kickin N Screamin BYE
Nothing But Trouble Yinz Jagoffs BALTIMORE HOUSE
Liver Failure Hot Mess Express BALTIMORE HOUSE
3 07/23/2018
Liver Failure BYE BYE
Yinz Jagoffs Hot Mess Express GORMANS PUB
Kickin N Screamin Nothing But Trouble CAL'S CANTINA
4 07/30/2018
BYE Yinz Jagoffs BYE
Kickin N Screamin Liver Failure CAL'S CANTINA
Hot Mess Express Nothing But Trouble WEST MIFFLIN 3 Already played
5 08/06/2018
BYE Nothing But Trouble BYE
Hot Mess Express Kickin N Screamin WEST MIFFLIN 3
Liver Failure Yinz Jagoffs BALTIMORE HOUSE

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