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Ohio State Qualifyer (Canton) - Sunday Doubles

Ohio State Qualifyer (Canton) - Wednesday Doubles

Player Meeting for ALL the OSQ Leagues (Wednesdays and Sundays) is Wednesday, September 20th 7pm @ The Baltimore House. $20 registration fee is due at the meeting. No credits will charged for league matches during the season.

Dues $20 per player - 100% of dues for these leagues will pay for all 4 of your Canton Events (singles, doubles, mixed and team). You only need to shoot in 1 of these leagues to qualify and pay for all 4 events. All players will recieve a Team Big Dog Shirt and all women will recieve a free $10 Beer Mug (at the event), since their event fees are approximately $10 cheaper than the mens. If you do not shoot all 4 events, Big Dog will reimburse you for events not played at the League Ending Party on Sunday, March 18th @ 6pm at the Baltimore House.

We will not have team place awards, since divisions will be based on player availability (instead of team averages as usual). Instead, at the League Ending Party, all players will be awarded Team Big Dog Shirts and raffle tickets for various feats they earned during the league season (examples: ending with a higher average than you started with, each time you are listed on the weekly most improved player lists, any outs over 99, hattricks, ton80's, low/high tons etc.) We will take any funds left over and raffle off several $100 bonuses to be used as the winners see fit (hotel costs/drinking money. lol etc.) The more feats earned, the more chances (tickets) you get! I'm hoping this helps the sandbagging! Shirts and Raffle tickets will be awarded at the League Ending Party on Sunday, March 18th @ 6pm at the Baltimore House.

ALL Canton Event teams must be set by the end of January! PLEASE do not wait until last minute!

You must shoot atleast 6 weeks with 35 501 OI/OO and 15 cricket games. DO NOT ASK US TO BREAK THE RULES FOR YOU, THE ANSWER WILL BE "NO". Sorry but we just cannot help you if you haven't played....

OSQ Sunday Leagues - Start and End Dates

October 1st - November 12th - 8 teams/7 weeks

November 19th - January 14th - 8 teams/7 weeks (off Dec 24 and 31st)

January 7th - March 4th - 8 teams/7 weeks (only if needed)

OSQ Wednesday Leagues - Start and End Dates

October 4th - November 15th - 8 teams/7 weeks

November 29th - January 10th - 8 teams/7 weeks

January 17th - February 28th - 8 teams/7 weeks (only if needed)

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