February 8th

Sh Monday & Tuesday Fall League

I got your payouts last night!

I'll be texting all Captains for pick up!

Thank you for a great season!

February 8th

SH Tuesday League - The program reverted its format back to its default of "shoot as programmed" (meaning you take turns going first) I have corrected this for next week back to "loser goes first". I apologize for the tech problem and I hope it didn't cause any issues.

February 5th

Monday Combo and Tuesday Cricket leagues are all programmed and ready to go! All info is on the League Play page. Both leagues regular season will be completed by Memorial Day with Playoffs in June. Monday is still remote (voted on by teams) with an invitational option (you may invite teams to your bar or ask to travel to theirs. Please let me know first for bar sponsorship fee purposes) and Tuesday is a full traveling league.

I hope you all have a great season!

January 25th

Congratulations to the Championship Winners!

Monday Division 1 - ACrane

Monday Division 2 - Put Some Flour Down

Tuesday Division 2 - Wrong Hole


Last dues will be collected from the boards by Wednesday (2/1/23) and Payout Balance sheets will be turned in to Big Dog as well. I'll text Captains when I recieve the envelopes and make arrangements for pick up. Probably between 2/8/23 and 2/10/23.

Thank you for a great season!

January 18th

Monday Combo Division 1 Champions




Monday Combo Division 2 Semi Final Winners

Put Some Flour Down & BABs


Championship Match is next week

(Put Some Flour Down is Home team)

Good Luck!


Tuesday Cricket Division 2 Semi Final Winners

Wrong Hole & Stacc n Flip

Championship Match is next week

(Wrong Hole is the Home Team)

Good Luck!

January 16th


Monday Div 1 - Championship Match

Chris Like a Racehorse vs ACrane

(Chris Like a Racehorse is the HOME Team)


Monday Div 2 - Semi Finals

Dart Mafia vs BABs

Bulls on Parade vs Put Some Flour Down

(Dart Mafia and Bulls on Parade are HOME teams)


Tuesday Div 2 - Semi Finals

Wrong Hole vs Teabaggers

Life Allstars vs Stacc n Flip

(Wrong Hole and Life Allstars are HOME teams)


All matches are a race to 8. Feel free to finish out the match though, if done before game 15.

Good Luck and have fun!!


January 11th 2023

Rosters are due for the Spring League starting Feb 6/7. Please text me at 412-508-5789


Monday Div 1

Congratulations to "Chris Like a Racehorse" and "Dutch Club" for tieing for 1st Place (Chris Like a Racehorse will sit in position 1 for playoffs because they had the better winnng record vs Dutch Club) and "ACrane" for taking 3rd! Honorable mention to team "Dead Last" thanks for hanging in there!!

Playoff Semi Finals

Chris Like a Racehorse vs Dead Last

Dutch Club vs ACrane


Monday Div 2

Congratulations to "Dart Mafia", "Bulls on Parade", and "Put Some Flour Down" for taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places!


Tuesday Div 2

Congratulations to "Wrong Hole', "Life Allstars" and "Stacc n Flip" for taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places!

January 3, 2023

Welcome Back Thursday Night Ladies League! We missed you and are so happy you're back!! Non competitive league. Every other week. $5 dues/credits. $ goes to a Party at the end for everyone! Sounds like dart heaven! lol. Have fun!!

January 1st

Happy New Year!!! May it be Uneventful!

December 21st

Happy Holidays! Most of you have no darts immediately after Christmas and New Years. Enjoy your family time! Playoff schedules and Start of Spring League has been altered due to the amount of make up matches that need to be played. Please check your individual schedules so you are up to date. Thank you!

Stay Safe - Don't drink and drive - Bring in 2023!

October 18th

SH Monday and SH Tuesday Leagues - Due to some grumbling from some teams that dont like playoff "tournaments".... we will change the 1 league night Playoff tournament to 2 night Playoff (top 4 teams instead of ALL teams, due to lack of time) Semi Finals and Championship Match. The dates will stay the same. Just adding Champ matches at the end. Thank you.

October 10th

Main Street Inhouse League

First Night of Fall League tonight! All info including handicaps, schedules, players etc is on the League Play page. Scroll below the SH Leagues. No Darts on Halloween. Have fun and take it easy on Chooch! lol!


October 3rd

SH Monday and Tuesday Leagues

Next week all teams/players for Monday and Tuesday leagues, that have played atleast two matches will revert to their current averages for their handicap. Teams and players that have only played one match will still be using their starting averages (which is their ending averages from last season).

Thank you! Good Luck!

September 27th

SH Monday and Tuesday Leagues

First night of the Fall Season! Woop Woop!!

Schedule is uploaded

We have 2 teams coming back to us this season. Gormans (Captain - Rob Zeleznik), Lady Lucks (Captain - Jodie Anderson) Please make them feel welcome!

This league is traveling. Please be aware where you are playing every week and be on time. Most teams try to be at the match by 7 pm.

Due to timing, this season we will have a "playoff party" on January 10th, where you will recieve your payouts and turn in rosters for the winter session. Your division has a make up night scheduled at the end of the regular season.

REMEMBER to tell me when youre using a sub! I have to ok the replacement, add avgs and inform imposing team.

Winter season starts January 31st

Thank you and have a great season!!

September 26th

SH Monday and Tuesday Leagues


First night of the Fall Season! Woop Woop!!

2 Divisions - Schedule is uploaded

We have 3 teams coming back to us this season. Pour Some Flour On It (Captain - Matt Thomas), BABs (Captain - Michelle McCorkle), and Dead Last (Captain - Shawn Sabo). Please make them feel welcome!

This league is remote with invitational option. If you would like to invite your opponant to shoot your match face to face, please just let me know and I'll arrange it!

No Darts on Oct. 31st - Halloween

Due to timing, this season we will have a "playoff party" on January 2nd (div 1) and January 16th (Div 2) where you will recieve your payouts and turn in rosters for the winter session. Both divisions have a make up night scheduled at the end of the regular season.

REMEMBER to tell me when youre using a sub! I have to ok the replacement, add avgs and inform imposing team.

Winter season starts January 30th

Thank you and have a great season!!

August 29th

SH Monday League


Congrats to our Summer Season Winners! Last match being collected today and the payout balance sheet will be turned in this Wednesday. Payouts are expected back next week (between 7th and 14th).

Accepting Fall rosters. Please text to 412-508-5789

Rosters Due by Sept. 16th

Start Date Monday, Sept. 26th and Tuesday Sept. 27th

Boards on free play for practice on:

Mondays, September 12th and 19th

Tuesdays, September 13th and 20th

Please text me so I can set that up for you.


Thank you!

August 19th

SH Monday and Tuesday Leagues


Fall rosters are due by Sptember 16th. Please do not wait last minute. It helps to have time to fill divisions when I know what we need ahead of time. Thank you.

Text me at 412-508-5789 for roster intake

August 15

Hello Players. Tonight is a make up night and next Monday will be the last match for the summer league. Payouts should be ready between Wednesday, Sept 7th and 14th. I will text the captains when I have them in my hand, as usual. :)

I am taking rosters for the fall league NOW until September 16th. Text me at 412 508 5789 (Karen).

Fall start date has been changed to Monday, September 26th (Combo League) and Tuesday, Spetember 27th (Cricket League). This is happening for a couple of reasons that I was just made aware of..........

#1 We have 3 teams playing in an inhouse league that is not over until September 19th (Due to some unforeseen circumstances on their part). There is no sense in starting a league with multiple make ups from the start.

#2 and most important is that my youngest son is having a major foot operation at the end of this month and he won't be able to stand on it for 2 to 3 weeks afterward and cannot put any weight on his foot at all for a few months after that. I apologize for the bad timing. The date was just assigned to us today. It was supposed to happen earlier this summer but was delayed by the surgeon.

BUT...... If your team wants to practice on the 12th/13th and or the 19th/20th, (the 2 weeks we are delayed) please let me know and I will be happy to put the boards on free play for you.

Thank you!

August 2

We have 3 more weeks to go! 2 regular match nights and a make up night. Remember no playoffs in the summer. Make up night is 8/15. We only have 1 make up playing so far. So teams and opponants who are free may play their 8/22 matches (last match) on 8/15, if you prefer, instead of waiting another week. Its totally up to you, just let me know. Thank you!!

I hope everyone had fun at the Bow Wow Tournament!!

July 19

We are half way through the season! I hope everyone is having fun! Please remember to not get discouraged when shooting teams from higher divisions. Use the experience to learn better stratagy from them :) There will be "creative" payouts to reflect the diverse division.

John and I have a family reunion next week at Jellystone Park. We are celebrating our sons Graduation there on Monday. Cell service there is a little tricky so please contact me with any subs or questions asap. Try NOT to wait until Monday, 6pm or later incase I have to leave the park to access the dart program for you. I would appreciate it! Thank you!

July 12

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

Remember to notify me with subs please.

A shout out to Carla Brandt (Dive Bombers) who shot exceptionaly well this week (#4)!!! 2.67 mpr and a TON80! Congratulations!

June 28

All handicaps will be set to current averages for the next scheduled matches (in 2 weeks)

Next week - Happy 4th of July - No Darts

John and I are on vacation until July 10th. We will be back for your Monday, July 11th matches

June 21

Arachnid (Dart board manufacturer and operator of league software program) has been having trouble with their servers. This results in a "freeze" during league play. If this happens to you, please wait it out. It usually takes 2 to 5 minutes to correct. It is safer than trying to reboot your board which has resulted in the loss of all your league match data a few times now. :(

If its still froze after 5 minutes, contact me and we can try and reboot.

Please please please, do not leave any matches unfinished. This also results in total data loss for the match. If a match cannot be played out for any reason, please contact me and we can run through the process of exiting league play together to avoid stat loss.

Thank you!

June 14

Summer League Information

June 13th - Start Date

July 4th - Happy 4th - No league

August 15th - Make up night - if needed

August 22nd - Last league match - on the 15th, if no make ups

August 29th - League Meeting - Time and location will be announced

September 12th - Start of Fall League

October 22nd - League Party at South Park w/Tournament - details discussed at league meeting

Monday, August 1st - Rosters Accepted for Summer League

Monday, September 12th - Start Date for Summer League