September 28th

Those teams that have played 2 matches will have a current average for their handicap on week #3. Those teams that had a bye in week 1 or 2 will have a handicap based on their seasons starting average and their current average. Those teams will then have current stat handicaps starting week #4. Thank you and good luck!

Looking for players for Wednesday Gormans Inhouse Doubles and Thursday Remote Doubles...Interested? Contact me 412-508-5789


September 20th

We are ready to go! I'm looking forward to a new season!

Please contact me when using subs. So I can input a correct average. Also, If you want to visit or invite your opposing team for the match. If theres a problem at all with the board. I'm here to help you. Please do NOT contact the other team with a complaint or accusations. We are here to have fun. If theres truely a problem, contact me and I will take care of it. Thank you very much! Good Luck and Have Fun!!! 412-508-5789

September 12th

Gormans Wednesday Inhouse Doubles

Looking for 3 more teams at least. Then we will hve a meeting to:

Discuss format and putting together teams. I can fit 7 teams (14 players) I can fit 4 more Players (2 teams) if we use Bobbys Lounge across the street. Text me if you have any questions or want to join but cant be there on the 28th. Thank you!

September 10th

We will be postponing the league by 1 week as we need more time to make the remote system work with all our teams, since almost all of you are asking for that. I have also been sick and have trouble following up with teams to get them finalized with locations. I apologize for the delay but we will be on target again starting on Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21st!

September 1st


Thursday Doubles League

We want to run something fun for everyone. Such as: Different games. Lower priced dues. shorter seasons. Not as focused on competition and rewards as much as having a great time shooting darts with a friend or loved one. All options are on the table for player discussion. All Big Dog Bars will sponsor teams. Please contact Karen @ 412-508-5789 for more info. When we get enough teams interested, we will have a meeting and go over our player options. We're hoping to get this going before Halloween. Please spread the word! Thank you!

This league will also be Hybrid. Both options of Remote and traveling are available to the teams.

August 26th

Reminder: Rosters are due on August 31st for the Fall League which begins:

Monday Combo: September 13th

Tuesday Cricket: September 14th

It will run for approximately 15 weeks with Playoffs

We are going to try and accomodate teams that want to travel and those that need to still be remote. Please let me know what your team prefers when you are texting me your roster. (New players can call me with questions) at 412-508-5789

July 28th

Bulls Eyes for Bow Wows Tournament is here!!! We wish everyone good luck at the tournament. Please be generous and maybe find a new friend to take home!!

July 14th

John and I are back! Thank you for making sure your team was prepared during our vacation! The stats are all posted on your league page!

June 30th

We are back to our normal start time at 7:30 with a 30 minute grace period. If you need the extended grace period, please text me at 412-508-5789 and I will inform opposing team.

I know alot of you like a 7 pm start. That is fine as long as the other team can accomodate you.

Also, John and I will be on vacation the week of July 5th/6th. (next week). Please notify me ASAP if you will need subs. Sooner the better. If you can't reach me and its urgent (like after 6:30 on league night), please text Pudgy at 412-901-9353.

Thank you! Have fun! Happy 4th!

June 21st

Summer Leagues are here!

Unfortunately, as usual, Summer League has lost a few teams until Fall, as people are post pandemic planning vacations and other activities. Almost all have had a great time and have recommitted to being back in the fall. In the mean time, we need to accomodate the teams we have. Monday will still run 7 weeks with a 1 night Playoff Match for an 8 week season. Tuesday will run 10 weeks with no playoffs. Everyone (league night)will run on the same division schedule (for variety) but you will only be competing against the opposing team(s) in your division. This is the best option to keep things lively but fair during our summer down time. Fall League begins on Monday, September 13th and Tuesday, September 14th! Rosters are due by August 31st. Text me at 412-508-5789 to submit. Thank you for playing! As always, text me when using a sub. Thank you and Have fun!!

June 3rd

Summer session Rosters are due NOW. League begins Monday. June 21st and Tuesday, June 22nd. Just text me at 412-508-5789

Those dates have been changed from the 14th and 15th. I need an extra week beause I have to be away on the 12th and 13th and wont be ble to have things prepared properly with out those days.

Fall League begins after Labor Day

May 12th - Congratulations to our winners!

Monday Division 1 - 1st Main Street, 2nd Bobbys Bulls & 3rd Chris Like a Race Horse!

Monday Division 2 - 1st West Mifflin #3, 2nd Projectile Dysfunction,& 3rd Tie Bullshooters/Hammer Down.

Tuesday Division 1 - 1st Xplicit, 2nd Mouse Trap, & 3rd Tie Dutch Club/Bangin the Neighbors.

Monday Div 2 - 3rd place was a tie but Bullshooters won their individual match vs Hammer Down and will retain 3rd place.

Tuesday Division 1 - 3rd place was a true tie in that the Dutch Club and Bangin the Neighbors also tied in their individual matches. Bangin the Neighbors has chosen to step down to 4th so not delay the start of playoffs :)

Tuesday Div 2 - please cotinue with your regular schedule. Thank you.

Playoffs start next week for those 3 divisions. Schedules are listed on the remote league page

Rosters are being taken for the summer league from now until June 1st. Text me at 412-508-5789

Summer session begins June 14th and 15th.

May the 4th be with you!

Tournament at Baltimore House this Friday May 7th

$200 added with 20 Players

$350 added with 30 + players

April 27th - Getting ready for playoffs!

The playoff schedule links are listed near your weekly "current stats" tab on the League play page. They will be updated after each playoff match. We are able to run playoffs for Monday Div 1 and Tuesday Div 1 in a 5 team standard format, with 4th and 5th places starting us off with their wild card match. We are dividing Monday Div 2 to create a Monday Div 3 playoff as well. (We were only one team short of being able to create a Div 3 for the season when we started. Those four newer teams have done their best, but you can tell in the stats how much they struggled competing against the Div 2 teams). Since we have 9 teams we can afford to let them have some fun in there own format. Tuesday Div 2 - We do not have enough time to run a standard playoff format. Your league is over on June 8th and we start the summer league onthe 15th. This is due to the 3 week covid shut down last season that put us behind. I apologize for that. What we can do, if you are all interested, is run a playoff tournament or round robin on Saturday 12th or Sunday the 13th. We need atleast 4 of the 7 teams to participate to make this happen. Please let me know asap if your team wants to do this.


April 20th - Happy Earth Day!

It's time to start thinking about the summer league! Starting Monday, June 21st and Tuesday, June 22nd and running approx. 10 weeks. It will be over by mid to the end of August. Summer leagues do not run standard playoffs but if we have time, we can run a playoff tourney or round robin. FYI: Fall Leagues start after Labor Day on Monday, September 13th and Tuesday, September 14th. Please share the word. We are looking for more teams so we can increase our platform to 3 divisions each night. We need your help recruiting! Help us to help you :)

March 30th - Happy Easter!

Next week covid mitagations at our bars will relax. You can order a drink past 11pm. You can order a drink without ordering food and maximum capacity will increase. BUT... every bar will be making the own choices as to what feels comfortable and safe for them and their customers. So please be respectful of their business decisions. You are very important to them and I'm sure they will do their best to accomodate you as best they can.

Good Luck! Shoot Well! Have Fun!!

& Happy Easter!

March 17th - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Next week (week #3) we will be using current averages instead of starting averages for all teams that have shot 2 matches so far. The 2 teams that had byes during weeks #1 and #2 will still use their starting average until the following week (#4). So every team shoots twice before we go to current average handicap.

Please let me know if you think handicaps are off. This is a computer generated thing and I am happy to look over any handicaps to make sure the system didn't use an average from a one time sub situation instead of a real season average for your starting averages. You should check your teams starting averages (handicaps)before week #1 and also anytime subs are shooting for you. Once the match begins, I cannot alter anything. This is a captain or cocaptain responsibility but any player with concerns are welcome to contact me.

You will not be able to add players or adjust averages through the dart board anymore. You will have to contact me so I can add them through the league leader system. Now that we are using all G3's, I can update the boards at will and do not need to leave that feature open anymore for players to manually do. This will eliminate the mistakes that are being made when inputting names/averages.

Reminder: having a team player shoot with a 0.00 mpr or ppd does not give you an advantage. On the contrary, it could hurt your team. The system will assign any player carrying a zero average with the same handicap as the highest averaged player in the game they are shooting in. Always make sure your players have an assigned correct handicap before beginning the match.

On a GREAT note: Restrictions are scheduled to ease up for our bars on April 4th. Alcohol without food - increased dining to 50% (75% if self certified) - indoor events increased to 25% (50% for outdoor) and

11 pm last call eliminated!!!

MASKS and SOCIAL DISTANCING are still in place. Please stay safe! I have 6 players out this past week with covid. So we're not out of the woods yet!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Good Luck Next Week!


March 7 2021

Spring Leagues are beginning this week! We have 26 teams.... I'll be delivering your payouts during your matches this week as well!!

Remember we are collecting donations for Kathi's kids and Jane. I know covid life has been rough on everyone but even a little bit adds up and can go along way. Its a good idea to talk to your team about if you are donating, how much and to one or both ladies, before your match tomorrow, so when I come with your payouts it will not be complicated and distract you from your match.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear your masks. I have several players out with covid and some had to stay in the hospital and are still trying to recover. No joke.

Our leagues will end by Memorial Day with the exception of Tuesday Division 2. They will be done on June 8th. Summer leagues begin June 14th and 15th

Remember to let me know when you are using a sub. Every time. I need to make sure they are comparable to the player that is missing and make sure their name and handicap is programmed correctly. I then inform the opposing team. If you see your opponant is using a sub and I havent informed you of it, its because I dont know about it, and its possable that its not a legal replacement. Better to know this and correct it before games are played. Im here for any questions or concerns... just contact me at 412-508-5789.

February 2021

Spring League will begin Monday, March 8th for Combo League and Tuesday, March 9th for the Cricket League. Rosters due by February 22nd/23rd. It will only be a 10 week season with added playoffs. So it will run until the end of May. We will run a small Summer league in June/July and start our 2021 Fall league in August. Please contact me to submit your team rosters at 412-508-5789. I need night of league play, location, team name, and names of your 4 players. I look forward to getting you signed up! Please spread the word. We are somewhat disconnected from social distancing this past year. I could use your help. Thank you!

February 2021

Playoff formats and schedules are listed on your "Current Stats". You have to please contact me if needing subs, especially for playoffs! The Championship Matches are scheduled for February 22nd and 23rd. I will have your season payouts by March 8th/9th. We will be taking donations for Kathi's family and Jane at that time as well. I know everyones struggling through covid but anything you can donate is appreciated. Thank you for shooting with us this season. We look forward to the new Spring 2021 Season!

Monday Combo Playoff Info and Final Stats

Div 1 - Congratulations to:

Red, White & Bulls (Corner Bar)

Div 2 - Congratulations to:

New Crew (Gormans Pub)

Divisional Playoff Champions!

Tuesday Cricket Playoff Info and Final Stats

Div 1 - Congratulations to:

ACrane (Gormans Pub)

Div 2 - Congratulations to:

Kickin' n Screamin' (Spencers)

Divisional Playoff Champions!

January 2021

Thank you to everyone who shot during our covid league. Final stats are posted. I know things weren't perfect trying to combine teams from 2 leagues with different rules, dealing with remote tech issues, so many subs and player replacements due to covid job loss and moves etc. We had a wonderful member pass away unexpectedly, another remarkable member who had a stroke and 3 weeks off from a govt shut down. It's been a really rough season. I am thankful to all of you who just appreciated being able to shoot and were flexable with all the craziness. You're the best! Hopefully, we are getting past covid issues and things will get back to normal. Although we will always miss Kathi, our Switzerland Girl and look forward to Janes recovery.

January 2021

The good news keeps coming - Our dear Jane had a stroke. She is recovering. I do not have up to date news on her yet but we will be collecting donations for her as well, at seasons end, as I'm sure she will be out of work for a while. Please pray for her. Thank you.

January 2021

Heart breaking news.....Kathi Cahill Dunworth has unexpectedly died over the holiday weekend suffering from a heart attack in her sleep. She was only 51 years old. Please send your prayers to her children, grandchildren and friends. She was loved so much. A very special person and we will all miss her so much!

Kathi Marie Cahill- Musolino Obituary - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , Jefferson Memorial | Tribute Archive

We will be collecting donations at the end of the season to help her children with funeral expences. I know everyones struggling with covid but every little bit will help and be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for anything you can give....

December 9th 2020

Gov't mandated 3 Week covid sheltor in place. Lets call it a Holiday Break. We will continue with the season on January 4th and 5th. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

November 20th 2020

We are half way through the season! So far so good! Happy Turkey Day!

October 2020

Ok. Covid League begins!! lol. Please contact me when needing subs. Please be aware that we have some teams from WV to help round out our division 1's on both Mondays and Tuesdays. They are used to different rules than we have, so there will be some adjustments and cooperation needed. Remember, this league will have some obstacles to overcome due to covid restrictions and people losing, changing jobs, shifts, hours etc. Please be kind and help me make this be as smooth as possible. Thank you!

September 2020

Please wear your masks and keep a physical distance as much as possible. I know people are sick of doing this but it is necessary for the health and safety of us all. Stay strong!

August 2020

Reverse Handicap will be in effect for the SH Monday Combo League

July 2020

The Leagues will start between 7pm and 7:30pm. Please start as close to 7 as possible, as bars will be needing to close earlier. This also gives us leeway incase we have any technical issues with remote play.

June 2020

When we do come back, we will utilize the remote system. Only 1 team per G3 board. Your team will always be home playing virtually against your opponant. The locations will supply cleaner and sanitizer for your safety.

May 2020

All summer 2020 leagues have been canceled due to people not wearing masks and keeping physically distance. Cases are rising. Hopefully we can shoot in the Fall. Stay safe!!

April 2020

We hope to be back ASAP. Please stay safe and healthy during this time. Wear masks, keep physically distant, wash your hands, don't touch your face, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. Hope to see you healthy and smiling real soon.

March 2020

All Winter 2020 Leagues have ended due to the corona virus restrictions. All monies have been kept aside and will be added to the next celebration event. We were only a few weeks into the season, so it doesn't add up to too much individually, but it will help a great deal as a lump sum for our annual party. I discussed this with many captains (not all) but the ones I did said they were fine with that. If your team is not, I will take an official vote. (I did not do that already because Im pretty sure we already had enough votes for a majority to add it to general banquet fund)But I have no problem taking an official vote, just let me know if your team disagrees. Thank You.