August 2

We have 3 more weeks to go! 2 regular match nights and a make up night. Remember no playoffs in the summer. Make up night is 8/15. We only have 1 make up playing so far. So teams and opponants who are free may play their 8/22 matches (last match) on 8/15, if you prefer, instead of waiting another week. Its totally up to you, just let me know. Thank you!!

I hope everyone had fun at the Bow Wow Tournament!!

July 19

We are half way through the season! I hope everyone is having fun! Please remember to not get discouraged when shooting teams from higher divisions. Use the experience to learn better stratagy from them :) There will be "creative" payouts to reflect the diverse division.

John and I have a family reunion next week at Jellystone Park. We are celebrating our sons Graduation there on Monday. Cell service there is a little tricky so please contact me with any subs or questions asap. Try NOT to wait until Monday, 6pm or later incase I have to leave the park to access the dart program for you. I would appreciate it! Thank you!

July 12

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

Remember to notify me with subs please.

A shout out to Carla Brandt (Dive Bombers) who shot exceptionaly well this week (#4)!!! 2.67 mpr and a TON80! Congratulations!

June 28

All handicaps will be set to current averages for the next scheduled matches (in 2 weeks)

Next week - Happy 4th of July - No Darts

John and I are on vacation until July 10th. We will be back for your Monday, July 11th matches

June 21

Arachnid (Dart board manufacturer and operator of league software program) has been having trouble with their servers. This results in a "freeze" during league play. If this happens to you, please wait it out. It usually takes 2 to 5 minutes to correct. It is safer than trying to reboot your board which has resulted in the loss of all your league match data a few times now. :(

If its still froze after 5 minutes, contact me and we can try and reboot.

Please please please, do not leave any matches unfinished. This also results in total data loss for the match. If a match cannot be played out for any reason, please contact me and we can run through the process of exiting league play together to avoid stat loss.

Thank you!

June 14

Summer League Information

June 13th - Start Date

July 4th - Happy 4th - No league

August 15th - Make up night - if needed

August 22nd - Last league match - on the 15th, if no make ups

August 29th - League Meeting - Time and location will be announced

September 12th - Start of Fall League

October 22nd - League Party at South Park w/Tournament - details discussed at league meeting

Monday, August 1st - Rosters Accepted for Summer League

Monday, September 12th - Start Date for Summer League